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Pralines, box of 16x (280.001)

180 g

CHF 28.50

The packs, with a contemporary design, perfect for a classy gift, offer an assorted selection of different tastes and different processes. Twenty-six specialties that combine wisdom in the choice of mateia before the inevitable selection of Grand Cru, beautiful to see, fabulous to taste.

contiene una selezione di questi prodotti


Chocolate pralined with white, lactate and dark hazelnuts

Dark nougat

Milk ganache, Madagascar vanilla, crunchy almond, dark chocolate

Espresso bianco

White chocolate with a delicate coffee filling

Mont Noisette

Gianduia of IGP Piedmont hazelnuts, caramelized hazelnuts, milk chocolate.

Nougat Milk

Milk ganache, Madagascar vanilla, crunchy almond, milk chocolate.


Finest milk ganache, Cayenne pepper, milk chocolate.


Gianduja of almonds, threaded almonds, milk chocolate, caramelized almonds from Puglia.


Hazelnut cream, coffee paste, Madagascar vanilla, milk chocolate.


White ganache, Sicilian orange paste, white chocolate.


Mass of Piedmont IGP Hazelnuts, anhydrous butter, dark chocolate, toasted Langhe hazelnut.


Gianduja with PGI Piedmont hazelnuts, praline, toasted Piedmont hazelnuts, milk chocolate, Madagascar vanilla.

Noci Milan

Marzipan with walnuts, white chocolate, black chocolate, toasted walnut.


Caramel heart with fresh cream, toasted almond sticks, milk chocolate.

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